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Tanzania Safaris, Kilimanjaro Climbing & Zanzibar Holidays

We are the Tanzania safaris tour specialists – home to unforgettable wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty.

We offer private tailor-made safaris.
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we ensure each and every safari is personalized to accommodate your vision of what the perfect experience means to you.

All members of our team are avid travelers that have spent lots of time exploring the National Parks of Tanzania. We have rich experience in tailoring the most epic outdoor adventures to all tastes.

Possible activities on safari

There are a wide variety of activities you can enjoy during a safari, depending on your interests and the location of your safari. Here are some possible activities you can do on safari

Inspirational Safaris

Whether you are looking for a luxury tour or a budget tour, there are plenty of Tanzania safaris and tours to suit your preferences and interests.


You may climb Mount Kilimanjaro by several routes which have been established by the Tanzania National Parks Authority in order to preserve the pristine beauty of the wilderness for the generations to come and ensure the safety of climbers.


Our Tanzania safaris usually include cultural programs that allow travelers to visit local Maasai villages (authentic places, not touristic shows), which enables them to get a much more rewarding and more prosperous safari experience while, at the same time, supporting the local community.